Sunday, January 21, 2007

A touch of Class and the return to OZ…

It’s no easy journey to get to the Land of Oz from India the land
Of roundabouts.
Everything that you do in India must be done in
a roundabout back the front sort of fashion. Curt calls it the land of opposites
because you have to think back the front to enjoy it.

Therefore I suppose it makes sense that we had to bribe someone to actually be able
to buy tickets to Singapore and it involved a mad bus ride downtown, some baksheesh and complicated transferal of funds.

But we did it and then suddenly , all too quickly we found ourselves
No longer in India but in the picture perfect, cardboard city of Singapore.
It didn’t help our arrival in Singapore that I was strung out on valium and Curt was horribly drunk or that we both simply didn’t want to be there and wanted to be in India still desperately. But what did help was the rather lovely five star hotel we had booked to know …ease the pain.
God Damn. Showers! Endless hot water. A huge bathtub that needed to be soaked in several times by me.
What also helped was some serious shopping on Orchard Rd, at the Singapore outlet for Topshop, which helped ease the pain of not returning to London as soon as I had hoped.Several hundred singaporan dollars later and we were feeling much better.
What helped even more than that was the seriously kind offer of Ben and Bianca our lovely friends from Christmas in Gokarna to come and stay with them.

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