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Perth Jan18th 2006 Celias View

So we make it back to Australia. Almost three years for me....about 18months for Curt.
Its not quite the entrance I was expecting, several months too early and on a complete different side of the country then planned.

But thats travelling, thats what makes it interesting....
Just to make it different we have flown into Perth, a city neither of us have ever been to.
Out lovely friends from India, Ben and Bianca have offered for us to come and stay with them for a few days. They turn out to be seriously cool hosts, completely fun to be with and so generous lending us cars mobile phones even snorkelling gear.

This turns out to be fantastic as they show us all around the Perth that they know and have grown up with. We love Bens parents who are completely comforting for me since Im sick and a bit miserable and we really like Perth.

More like a huge friendly town than a city, Perth is home to quite seriously the coolest beaches I've seen since travelling. Just long stretches of empty white sandy beaches. Admitedly the sea is a lot colder than we have gotten used to in Asia but its empty and clean!

We spend the next few days having dinner with ben and bianca and one day exploring nearby Rottnest Island by bike. This is a cool island off the coast of Perth where no transport other than bikes are allowed and its beautiful. We try snorkelling which is crystal clear but freezing cold.

We also spend a boozy afternoon at a local vineyard where we get introduced to well...a genuine Aussy...lets put it that way....
He was gearing up for Australia Day and the proud owner of the tattoo below...

What more can I say?

Rottnest Island - Curt's View Jan 2006

Well what can you do in Perth or Fremantle for that matter? Check out Roti the locals love to talk it up.
Having just spent 2 and a bit months on the SE Asian beaches, we did not expect much to come home too in OZ, but I have to say this Island contains some off the most beautiful beaches I have ever been on. Not only that, they are untouched and deserted as well. The water is the most amazing shade of blue/green and if it was not for the wind, there would have been some excellent snorkeling action as well.

Unfortunately the wind and the sun did end up getting the better of us and caught us out nicely painting us both a bitter shade of red for the next week.
The only real way to see most Rottnest Island is to hire Mountain bikes and get stuck in. Now we are not the fittest people on the planet but it was very manageable to get around.

After spending most of the day checking out various beaches and Celia did end up doing a bit snorkeling we headed to the bar for the locally brewed Little creatures. Cracking day in the Sun and a nice way to work our way back into AUS.

Oh and a Big thanks to Bens Parents and Ben & Bianca for letting us crash, drink, cook and wash in your home. Cheers.

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