Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Tassie home of the brave

Tassie home of the brave - Curt's View

Cant say we were originally planning on putting this part of the trip up, since most would not consider it traveling, and of course it is Tassie. But anyway - We went to Tassie for a week to catch up with the family and rest our failing feet. It was very nice to be put up by Celia's parents at their house, after India/Mumbai it was great to have our own space and room.

Good to see all the family(s) and since nether of us have meet the others parental units, we were long over due for a Roast Dinners and BBQ's. Like anyone who has family in Tassie will tell you, you spend all your time catching up with old Friends and Family and relaxing sort of falls to the the bottom of the list. But we did manage to do both for once.

So here are a couple of photos with catch ups and dinners.

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