Wednesday, March 21, 2007


22 Mar 2007. Curt flew out late last night we thought that lots and lots and lots of drinks were needed. Hence a very drunken check in....
Curt and I worked out some interesting dates, it was our 18mth anniversary the night he left, also 18mths to the day that he flew on exactly the same flights to leave Melbourne.
I miss Curt so much already...sigh.......assistence

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Leaving Drinks

Leaving Drinks - Curt's Last Post

Guess the time has finally come for me to Depart. I'm off to London for a week to catch up with friends before I head on over to Santorini, Greece to manage a Juice bar for six months.
I'm Really going to miss Celia on a massive level and it is hard to leave her after we have spent the last year and a half having a fantastic adventures in so many countries.
Ill leave you with some Pictures from my leaving party in Melbourne, thanks so much to Deano, Rob and Fran for putting up with the both of us for so long, we really appreciate you guys giving us a room. Come to Greece.
For those in Australia - ill see you when I see you next, for those in the UK - Pints G'day.

See ya soon.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sky Diving - Wanaka

Sky Diving - Wanaka - Curt's View

I wanted to go Bungy Jumping off the the highest Jump on the south Island Nevis Wire (143m), but Celia had other ideas. To help her on the quest to get better, she thought that Jumping out of a small Plane at 12000 feet would help, I had to agree.

So for a mere $270NZ we did, at a place called Wanaka (1 hour out of Queenstown). We where originally going to go in Queenstown but decided against it with company's there because all there advertising seemed a bit of a wank with lines like "embrace the fear". What a load of bollocks.

So we drove up to Wanaka and headed for a great little family owned and operated company called Skydive Lake Wanaka ( The guys that you jump with where great, really relaxed (although they do 17/18 jumps a day) and made us feel very comfortable and excited.

Celia opted for a DVD filmed by the guy she was attached too for a little extra money, I on the other hand chose to be a tight ass. However my guy was a ginger and since gingers have a special relationship he said he would film for me anyway, get the DVD made up and if I liked then i could by it. On the way out to the plane, he told me that the boss wasn't in today and maybe if I didn't tell the girls at the front counter, he could get it for me half price. I thought - why the hell not, (you got to reward the guy for trying to make a buck)

Well there's not much to tell about the actual skydive that you cant now see from the DVD. So we have put them on Youtube and the links are below.

Oh this picture is off my feet and how I had to tape my thongs on.

Check out Curt's Jump
Check out Celia's Jump

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Land of the Long White Cloud

New Zealand , March 2007 Celias View

So its March. In Australasia. Curt and I are desperate to get away for 10days to some little tropical island but unfortunately everywhere and I mean everywhere is raining.

Fiji? In the middle of a cyclone. Hawaii? 7 day forecast of thunderstorms, Darwin, Cairns, Whitsundays? Rainy season. Soloman Islands, New Caledonia? Pretty much closed for the season.
So in the end we turn our eyes to somewhere a little different. Which is how we ended up in Christchurch on New Zealands South Island last weekend.

I was a bit worried about the flight but it went perfectly and we arrivied late into a little tiny toy town which is Christchurch. We had a cruisy day, hanging in the park nothing amazing, eating yummy food before we picked up our car and heading west to Glacier country.

This scenery was incredible! Seriously...we have both been blown away by the sheer size of the mountion ranges we have passed through and how incredibly beautiful and untouched they are.Parts of the scenery reminds me of Canada but its even more empty, more stark.

One cool thing we discovered about the South Island is that its pretty much devoid of any kind of animals but that there used to be a bird, a flightless bird here that was 3.5m high and used to just graze in paddocks like a cow.

I have spent almost the entire trip so far wishing it was still alive and that I could just look out the window at huge crazy looking birds as tall as houses hanging out and fighting each other. Way better than cows.

Hokitika and a special symbol....
On our way down in into Glacier country Curt and I passed through Hokitika which is famous for its jade and bone maori carvings. We bought each other the maori design, Koru, which is a single twist Jade carving.

In the Maori culture , the Koru symbolises " the joining together of two people for eternity. Even though they sometimes move away from each other on their own journeys, they will always come together again sharing their lives and blending to become one. It tells how the strength of bond of friendship, loyalty and love will last forever"


Being complete amteurs and slack backpackers, Curt and I hadn't even considered the weather when we signed up for a Ice trek on the Franz Josef Glacier. The Franz Josef Glacier is a very strange , very cool glacier on the the south islands west coast. Its huge and basically runs all the way from very tips of the snow capped southern alps right down to the temperate rainforest where the little town of Franz Josef is.

Now to get some idea of the scale we are talking about here, take a look at the picture on the right.

You can just make out the little people trekking up the glacier yes?

Well if you look directly behind then theres a brown patch, then another brown patch and then a lighter grey patch? The lighter grey patch is about twice the height of the Eiffel tower

So the glacier is big but its cool and we were both looking forward to trekking up it. We had decided against the helicopter rides to the top and had settled for a simple 4 hour climb. We geared up , got used to our spiked shoes and gathered behind our guide and her big ice pick. By this time it had already started to rain but we stupidly thought it would pass. NO such luck. It bloody well rained and by rained I mean a non stop thunderstorm for the entire 4 hours we wandered over the ice. The conditions were so bad that it meant every two steps took ten minutes as the ice was extremely slick and dangerous and there was also a really nasty wind coming in.

So basically kids, Glacier very cool and all, saw some amazing caves and shelves but being rained on for four hours, moving four inches every ten minutes and having ice and hail blow into your eyes and being basically freezing is pretty damn hideous !

Somewhere around the third hour when all the people who had gone on longer hikes then us were being pulled off the mountion early Curt and I were started to get very very frustrated. We were making up chants more or less to the tune of get us off the f**king ice. About this time, this mad gush of black water starts surging down from a waterfall high on the canyons side. Something higher up had been dislodged in the storm and was sending this huge rush of black water down the slope. This meant we couldnt go back the way we came as it was now a river....which meant ..thats right kids...more time on the ice!

We finally made it down and back to our sauna blessed hostel and got straight into red wine, hot punpkin soup and lying around in bed.

Tassie home of the brave

Tassie home of the brave - Curt's View

Cant say we were originally planning on putting this part of the trip up, since most would not consider it traveling, and of course it is Tassie. But anyway - We went to Tassie for a week to catch up with the family and rest our failing feet. It was very nice to be put up by Celia's parents at their house, after India/Mumbai it was great to have our own space and room.

Good to see all the family(s) and since nether of us have meet the others parental units, we were long over due for a Roast Dinners and BBQ's. Like anyone who has family in Tassie will tell you, you spend all your time catching up with old Friends and Family and relaxing sort of falls to the the bottom of the list. But we did manage to do both for once.

So here are a couple of photos with catch ups and dinners.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Truly the most liveable city in the world!

Celias View Melbourne Feb 2007

I love Melbourne ......I always have and although I've been to many very very cool cities ( New York, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Istanbul, Bombay, Seattle and of course Londres are probably my favourites) I've never really found a place as instantly liveable as Melbourne.

Something about being able to walk to the city from any cool inner city suburb, through huge parks, to be able to have your pick of literally hundreds of great bars, restaurants, cafes, clubs, to be able to catch cabs anywhere because they cost absolutely nothing and to be able to hang out with your friends as much as you like cause they all pretty much live around the corner. Melbournes not a little city, its bigger than Rome or Barcelona but it feels like a completely manageable size. Just big enough to be interesting....not big enough to be annoying, have traffic Jams or be too expensive.

Actually that last bit is a lie...Melbourne has become disgustingly expensive, espcially rental properties and alcohol but aside from that I stand by everything else!

And Melbournes been pretty kind to us , I found a job on my second day there without even looking ( Working on STAS website in Faraday St in Carlton with one of my best friends from London) and Curt went straight back to The Croft to fill in some weekend shifts behind the bar.
We also loved a few weeks of money for nothing courtesy of the Australian government. Perfect for settling in for summer!

We've had less luck with houses , moving between Emma Bs, Adeles, Bonnie and Aarons and finally Deano, Frans and Robs but I've finally decided to move in with Bonnie and get our own place.

Aside from that we've had some wicked parties, Daves 24th Birthday at Prudence ( where I seemed to see heaps of people I hadnt seen in forever including Eyal my whole inspiration for travelling in the first place and Robbie Harkness who was there on a complete coincidence) Rohs birthday in Fawkner Park complete with never ending botchi, The opening of the new Yelza with Bonnie and Aaron, A boozy weekend to welcome Netty back to Australia with her and Cam The St Kilda festival weekend and best of all Curts 26th Birthday which we had at La La Land......but he can tell you about that...................

Curts View- Melbourne
La La Land and Birthday 2.6

Well not much to say on the subject of Birthdays, It was a quiet one with just a few friends with outjobs and no money left from traveling.Surprisingly there are a lot of people back. But here are a few Pics for you guys that are not yet back in the country. The older you get the less there is to say on the matter.

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